Monday, September 25, 2017

SAFIP Ext. (2017.09)

And here we go again.
This pack contains most of the upcoming tv shows, movies and OVAs. If we missed any you need, feel free to request. Of course this goes for any anime or manga we haven't covered, old or new.

On a side note, this time I tried linking folders instead of zip files, tell me which one you prefer. If the majority wants the zips back, I'll update the links.

Thursday, August 31, 2017



And it's all thanks to you.
This project started as a personal thing: I wanted to make my anime library look better and while the logo icons made by pokemon trainer looked good, they weren't what I was looking for.
Fun fact: this project is the whole reason why I made SquareAnon my alias (at first, it was Square Folder Icon Anon), and I'm using it for my other online ventures as well (like my fansub group and my gamedev identity).

What better time to release new, updated, overhauled and fixed Complete Packs than this? So here they are:

(MEGA links coming soon)

Where has the time gone?
Since we made a bunch of fixes and edits (mostly to correct inconsistencies between packs, better organize the icons etc.), we suggest you download these packs even if you already have the older ones.

As of now, we have reached a grand total of 5,182 ANIME ICONS and 1,342 MANGA ICONS (plus some cartoons, VNs and video game icons). 
I mean, holy shit. I remember starting of with the first pack of 747 icons (okay, I didn't remember the number so I redownloaded it to check) and it was a mess full of doubles, misspelled names, etc. not to mention that it was only available in [Glow] version.

It's been a long long way and I wouldn't have made it here alone, so I want to thank all the collaborators and anons who contributed with their own icons during these four years. You have my full appreciation.

But our real adventure has only just begun!
-- Thank you for your support during the years. Look forward to SquareAnon's next work.
Just kidding, we have no intention to stop here of course. We'll keep going as long as anime and manga keep being made. And hopefully, that means we'll never stop.
So requests are always welcome, as are anonymous contributions (the link to the Mediafire folder where you can upload your icons is in the All the Links page). Of course, if any of you is interested in becoming a 'full time' collaborator, we'll welcome you with open arms. Just say the word.

In conclusion, thank you for supporting and keeping this project alive, and I hope you will stick with us a bit longer.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Even quicker SAFIP + SMFIP Ext. (08.2017) post

>The manga packs will follow in the next few days (I promise)
Sorry about that, though. I've been busy with a lot of stuff this past month and completely forgot about you. Forgive me.
Here are the packs:

Requests are always welcome. Actually since I've been so out of the loop lately, please let me now if you requested some icons and I haven't made them yet.

In the coming weeks we'll be working to release new Complete packs for anime and manga, hopefully fixing a lot of naming problems, duplicates, missing icons, etc. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Quick SAFIP 07.2017 post

Sorry, sorry, sorry. I haven't had much time these past few weeks and I neglected this blog and the whole icon-making quite a bit.
I'll quickly post the links to the new packs which contain the missing Summer shows and the latest anime requests:

The manga packs will follow in the next few days (I promise).
Requests are always welcome, and we'll try to fulfill them as fast as we can. 

In the next couple of months we will be working on the next version of the complete packs. Thanks to Greybaum's help, this pack should fix a lot of naming issues with some icons and some inconsistencies between the glow and glowless packs as well.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

SAFIP + SMFIP - (Late) 05.2017 Ext.

Wow, before I knew it a whole month went by since my last post. I'm so sorry about this.
Let's cut to the chase. The anime pack this time contains all the older requests we got these last 2-3 months, plus most of the upcoming Summer shows.

 Requests are always welcome.

Friday, May 5, 2017

We're not dead (yet)

Hey, guys. Sorry about the long absence. 
I was never really gone, but I have been busy for some time with some RL stuff. I've actually had the icons for last month's extension ready for a while but didn't have time to finalize the packs and make the post. Not to mention that said extensions were composed of just a handful of manga icons.
Anyway, with my PC breaking down last week, I won't be able to personally release the Ext. soon, but I will leave this to Greybaum in the next few days. Hopefully I'll get my new PC soon-ish, and with that I'll be back to work on the icons.

As a final note, I would like to remind you that right now this project is basically centered around upcoming/ongoing shows and requests from you. So if you have requests for older shows, movies, OVAs, manga, etc. don't hesitate to ask, because otherwise we won't have any material to build our future Extensions on. 

tl;dr We're not dead, but we don't have anything new to share right now. In the mean time, requests are still welcome!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

SAFIP - 03.2017 & Blog Surveys

Icons and more.
 Hey there. First off; here are the packs for next season's icons as well as some requests and a few contributions from a kind anon:
Link to list of Icons in the pack
You may notice that it's not actually March yet but this is a rather unavoidable problem with the current title format. While it's never really been relevant until now thanks to our inactivity, it does provide a perfect time to post a few polls to gather feedback on a few things.

The first poll, as should be made obvious by this segue, is a question of how the titles should be formatted.

  • How should the posts be categorised? [Link] 
To clarify on the two current choices:   

- SAFIP + SMFIP - 03.2017

This is the current system; All icons are combined into monthly updates. Pretty self explanatory if you've been following the blog.
- SAFIP Spring 2017

The alternative option would be to filter future posts into categories similar to: "SAFIP Spring 2017", "SAFIP Requests #1", "SMFIP Requests #1", "SAFIP Spring 2017 Patch v1" etc.
The idea here is that we'd make more posts with less individual content; the main benefit of this would be icon requests being sent out when they were actually made, as opposed to when we finished making the monthly Season packs. It'd also make it easier to go back and search for icons you were missing (e.g. if you were missing a Hibike Euphonium! icon you'd know to go back to the Spring 2015 release instead of going through the March, April and potentially even May 2015 releases to try and find it).

I've set the poll so that you guys can contribute your own suggestions to this one (please don't abuse it). Multiple votes are also allowed so feel free to vote for all the choices you like. 

  • Do you use Glowless or Glow Icons? [Link] 
Making a Glow version of Glowless icons isn't all that time consuming but if nobody's using them there isn't much point. There's no exact cut-off for this one but we'd still continue the icons as long as a couple of guys want them. It's not that much extra work.
Last of all...

  • Should followup posts (i.e. patches) be edited into posts or uploaded separately? [Link]
Sometimes we can't get every icon for every airing show at once because there's no good images we can actually use. A good example for that right now is the Danmachi spinoff. There's only one poster image for the show and all versions happen to have a convenient release date right in the centre of the image. Similarly, there may be shows that aren't announced until we've already made the packs ready for upload. And, of course, sometimes we might just miss a few. Right now the solution is adding a new updated pack in red text on the previous post, but an alternative option would be to just release it separately as a 'Patch' (If you can think of a better word for it please let us know). Not sure which would be easier to miss so go ahead and vote.

Polls will be open for a while (i.e. probably for upwards of a month) so no rush. Make sure you check back every so often to see if any new suggestions have come in for the first poll. In the mean time we'll be using the format already in place.

Thanks for your feedback.